…in 1980 in Basildon, Essex

It was in the 1980 that the idea of Depeche Mode was born. Originally a foursome, the group became a trio since the 1995, when Alan Wilder, succeeded to Vince Clarke (member of the original line-up, who left in 1981), decided to quit. The actual line-up consists of Dave Gahan (the singer), Martin Gore (the songwriter) and Andy Fletcher (the coordinator).

While they were playing around London, they produced a lot of singles, including Dreaming of Me and Just can’t get enough, and this song became their first top 10 UK hit.
The career of the band began when, in 1981, after the release of Speak and Spell, they sold so many copies, making the album become one of the year best selling albums in England.

When Vince Clarke decided to leave the band, Gore took his position, and Depeche Mode produced other seven singles, including the UK top 10 song See You.

The album A Broken Frame came out in 1982, the year in which the keyboarder Alan Wilder came into the band, including the single The Meaning of Love. The ’83 is the year of Construction Time Again, influenced by industrial music, generating the hit Everything Counts and followed in 1984 by the album Some Great Reward whose principal song People are People got the top 5 position in several European countries.

With the single Personal Jesus they succeeded in getting success even in U.S., and with the album in which this song is contained, Violator, they received worldwide success.

In 1996, the year of the dark album Black Celebration, Dave Gahan took a near-lethal overdose of cocaine and heroine, but in 1997 Depeche Mode enjoyed a resurgence with the albums Ultra (with the modern rock singles It’s No Good and Barrel of a Gun) and Music for the Masses, in which was experimented even more the use of synthesizer. The more minimalistic album Exciter (2001) was followed by Praying the Angel (2005) including the hit Precious.

The greatest hits collection The Best of Depeche Mode Vol.1 came out in 2006 and there have been remasters of they old albums, digital boxes, and limited edition live CDs of their tours, making them one of the greatest rock-electronic band.

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